Tough, Tranch War veteran and ex-Imperial Guardsman


You hail from the deadly world of Fedrid, whose forests are so dense and so full of dangerous predators, the Imperium strictly forbids offworlders from descending on the planet without a licence. Indeed, it’s a wonder that your people have survived, so hostile is Fedrid to human life. Somehow, your tribes managed and established small colonies formed out of a need for mutual defence. Unfortunately, your efforts are often for naught, for the Imperium culls
the best and brightest warriors from your tribes to fill the ranks of the Imperial Guard, which was how you found yourself removed from everything you knew and battling for your life against mutant horrors in the Tranch War.

You found the work of a Guardsman especially suited to you; your fighting skills honed by fighting sabre cats, blood wolves and worse on Fedrid, and it wasn’t long before you attracted the attention of Lord Inquisitor Globus Varaak of the Ordo Hereticus. Impressed by your zeal, natural toughness, and ability to take orders, he lifted you from the faceless throng of Guardsmen and gave you a place in his retinue. Having only served your master for a few weeks, you are not yet comfortable with your duties and wonder where fate will take you.

You are a heavily muscled, hirsute woman, with jet black hair and piercing grey eyes. Superstitious, you never use the true names of your companions, believing that to do so will leave them vulnerable to control by others.


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