Prince Casimir von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Tall, blonde, handsome, intelligent, destined.

Weapons Skill 33
Ballistic Skill 24
Strength 33
Toughness 36
Agility 25
Intelligence 39
Perception 31
Willpower 24
Fellowship 38

I am a scion of House Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, descended from the noble houses of Holy Terra. In times past, our rightful inheritance was usurped by the cadet line of House Hohenzollern, and our fortunes were further upset by KOMMUNISTEN, although it is no longer clear what the nature of that beast was. My research has provided me with some clues, though I shall need to pursue them in the archives of planets which are not conveniently located, and of course our origins on Holy Terra will be forever obscured by the blinding light of the Golden Throne. Our family motto is:


or in the vulgar tongue, “Never forgive, never forget”.

Over the millennia, despite our disinheritance, our house has multiplied and somewhat prospered. The extended family now numbers several thousands, as far as we are able to tell, as those on distant planets are rarely heard from. The family usually contributes to the benefit of all of the Emperor’s subjects by assuming positions as industrialists and military officers. We have also been known to accept positions in the ecclesiarchy, when suitable, and have links by marriage with a plethora of planetary governors and other families. Our first loyalty is to the Master of Mankind, and we have faith that he preserves a fraction of his infinite mercy and benevolence for us.

My grandfather is His Serene Highness Prince Leopold August Viktor Wilhelm von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, director of SigBlast Milind Conglom, one of our family companies. Particularly note the serenity style, acknowledging that the family’s sovereignty has been subsumed by that of the Golden Throne. Several junior members of the family adopt the illustrious style, i.e. His Illustrious Highness. However my aversion to snobbery precludes me from insisting on such forms except on formal occasions.

My father is Prince Viktor Friedrich Karl Ferdinand Leopold von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (deceased), formerly a regimental commander in the PDF. I do not wish to dwell on the circumstances of his demise. Suffice to say that my family is powerful and our memories are long. Refer to our family motto.

My mother is Her Illustrious Highness Margarita Katerina Antonia Josephine von Nürnberg, of the Nürnbergs of Quaddis. Be warned I shall peremptorily deal with any unwarranted inferences! Her family’s estates are extensive, and my numbers of female cousins on that planet apparently endless. I do appreciate mother’s efforts to find a bride for me, but I feel that for some time I shall be wedded to the Inquisition.

My studies in Law and Politics and Imperium inevitably led me to the Adeptus Arbites, where, though I do say so myself, I demonstrated a precocious talent. I adopted the slogan “We determine the guilty. We decide the punishment.” as my own, and brought the Emperor’s law and mercy to several planetary governors, not to mention the overwhelming rabble of lesser officials. As mentioned, I was an outstanding commander, but I soon realised that His will could not be properly served within the constraints of the Adeptus Arbites – the conservative nature of the Lex Imperialis inadvertently protects some of the heresies favoured by the imperial elites whilst failing the common man who wish only to honestly toil in His eternal light. Nie verzeihen, nie vergessen, Father.

This understanding led me to the Emperor’s Inquisition, where I hope to be able to bring His Justice to all, irrespective of their station. I remain His obedient and humble servant.

Prince Casimir von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

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