Cruentus Spiculum Mechanicus

Adeptus Mechanicus genetic perfection, Blessed by the Omnissiah, forged in the crucibles of Panopticon, honed in the fires of battle, and now unleashed to the Inquisition. All Hail the Omnissiah.


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Born into the embrace of the Omnissiah, I was assigned “parents” from the appropriate rank, suitable to my genetic makeup. My “mother” is a LAS Focusing Crystal Tech Priest. My “father” is a Neuro Targeting Interface Tech Priest. My training started under them and then continued in the form of further training under the Skitarii Tech Guard secutors. My “parents” ensured my indoctrination to the Omnissiah with instruction on outer world societies and the need to curb outward signs of my devotion to the Omnissiah while in the company of “others”. The Skitarii ensured I was trained to the peak of my age and genetics, although I always excelled at long range combat. One day, a visitor to my “father” arrived, and after long discussions with him, I was summoned and informed that I would be leaving Panopticon with my new “master” to enter into the service of the Inquisition. Apparently this is a great honour, although I have yet to realise in what way, and father seemed troubled by the decision. So far the Inquisition (or Ordos as they refer to themselves) have treated me with respect, and provided for my needs, but Hive Sibellus is a godless place and I long for order that my former home offered me. My weapons and equipment are my only remaining tie to home, and I treat them with honour and diligence, maintaining their machine spirits to the best of my ability.

Cruentus Spiculum Mechanicus

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